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Central Valley Pool Care specializes in the sale and installation of automatic swimming pool safety covers. We work with swimming pool contractors and pool owners. Our safety covers provide protection from debris, cut back on chemical loss in the pool, and protect your children from accidental drowning.

These tight-fitting vinyl coverings are a must-have for anyone with children!

Advantages of Owning an Automatic or Manual Pool Cover:

  • Saves Lives: A pool is great fun. It is also a great responsibility. Drowning is the leading cause of death of children under five years of age. An automatic pool cover is the ultimate investment in safety and is so strong even several adults can walk on it.

  • Saves Energy: Covering your pool while not in use minimizes your water temperature heat loss up to 70%, reducing your energy bill significantly.

  • Saves Water and Chemicals: A pool cover saves water and expensive pool chemicals by sealing the pool and eliminating evaporation.

  • Saves Cleaning: Spend less time skimming the pool and more time lounging by it. A pool cover will keep dirt, leaves and debris out of your pool.

  • Saves Equipment: By keeping heat in and dirt out, your pump and filter only operate a few hours a day - saving pool equipment and extending the pool life.
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